It’s Hard To Believe

So, on Friday, I officially approved the final version of the manuscript and the cover art for the book “Unlocking Creation” and it has been sent to the printer. As I hit the “send” button, one phrase was stuck in my brain. “It’s hard to believe.” A lot of things are, actually:


IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that after many years of saying to myself, “One of these days, I need to sit down and write a book”…that I actually have done it. It is certainly no small undertaking, as I have started down the path to do this a couple of times before, but fizzled out. But this time, by God’s grace, I was able to get it done.  

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that out of a vast universe that reaches far beyond even what our most powerful telescopes can see, with countless stars, solar systems and planets, it appears that only this one little space rock called Earth was the “apple of God’s eye” and worthy of “the gift of life”…an extension of Himself and who He is. Awesome job, Lord.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that out of a myriad of places in this world that I could have been born and the millions of families that I could have been born into…God chose to bless me by being born in the United States Of America. God Bless America…land that I love (as the song says). And on top of that, He blessed me by being born into an amazing family with a Mom and Dad that stayed together for over sixty years (miss you both dearly ) and who were always there for us in countless ways. What a blessing, indeed.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that I was able to find a beautiful and wonderful woman, Lauri Lee Martin, who became, and has been for thirty eight years, my wife and the mother of four amazing, healthy children…who have blessed us, so far, with seven amazing and healthy grandchildren. Not quite sure what I did, if anything, to deserve all of this. I am so thankful, Lord. Thankful does not even do it justice.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that on a snowy, November night in 1979, God sent two angels in human form…George Loper and Terry Whittenburg…to our house to look into buying a PA system for their little church. And that led, a couple hours later, to Lauri Lee and I accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. And that led to a thirty seven year journey, a quest for knowledge and insight that without which, this book never gets written.

IT WAS ALSO HARD TO BELIEVE…a couple years after that, Terry’s father-in-law, Don Atkin, called Terry and I to the front of the congregation, one Sunday morning, to pray over us for what he recognized as “a prophetic gift”.  That one still shocks me to this day, but I have never taken it lightly.  It has caused me to pray more and look deeper into God’s Word, to try to find those hidden gems that are there for those who seek diligently. Without that seeking, this book doesn’t happen either.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that of all the willing participants, in this “Grand Plan” of His, that He has chosen me to be one of His messengers in some very small way. But you see, I have to believe it. Because if I did not, there would not have been the desire or the wherewithal to write this book, in the first place. We can only give…what we have been given. If we believe that “All good things come from the Father…” as the Bible teaches, then we are the originators of nothing…we are merely conduits of His love and grace. And I definitely believe that with all my heart.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…I know…that there is truly a reason for you and I to be here for seventy or eighty years (a mere drop in the bucket of the ocean we call “eternity”), and that the reason is bigger than ourselves, something that goes far beyond carving out an enjoyable life with all the trimmings that go with it…family, fun and freedom….and a sense of individual worth. But there truly is. The Bible says we were made in His image, to be a reflection of Him to the world around us, just as moonlight is merely a reflection sunlight, not a separate source of light, itself. 

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…sometimes, that there is a real, living, loving God in a place called Heaven, who knows me and loves me “just as I am”. But because He loves me so much, He doesn’t want me to stay that way. He has much bigger plans for me and you, if only we will make ourselves available.  He has places for us to go, things for us to do and people for us to share His love with. Are you willing?  That’s the biggest question of all. Are you?

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE…that any of us are honestly able to say beyond a shadow of doubt, “I believe” and to believe to the point that you put all your hope and trust in that belief. At times it certainly is hard, Lord. I admit that. But, I truly do believe. And I thank you, Jesus, for the grace that enables me to believe. For I know that even the ability to believe comes from You. Everything does.

BELIEVING IS HARD…for sure…and sometimes, being “a believer” is even harder.

But as I see it, believing “There is no God” is even harder yet. Trying to live a fruitful, productive, upstanding life in this crazy world, with all of it’s struggles and temptations, without God’s grace, directions and protections?  That is not just hard. It’s impossible.




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