I am not sure exactly how or when the whole thing started, but I always knew I would someday write a book. I actually started down the path of writing one, two other times before. But, for one reason or another, they fizzled and so did my inspiration.
I can honestly say that this time, it was different. I believe God was preparing the way. I don’t think it was so much that I was now somehow ready, but He was.  About a year and a half ago, I started to take more notice of the wondrous things God has made. I started to see them differently.  I began to see, behind the actual physical manifestation, that there seemed to be a spiritual aspect to it, as well. It was sort of like an artist signing a painting, they became personal expressions of Himself.  He was revealing His true nature, it seemed, through what He created. And we only needed “the eyes to see it”.
The new book, “Unlocking Creation: God’s True Nature Revealed”, tells that story just the way I believe God was showing it to us. It starts with a sunrise and it ends with a sunset. How fitting.
Why was the creation of light the first official creative act by God, in Genesis One? Why was the separating of light and darkness the second official act?  I believe that it’s significant, the order in which things were made, or at least the order in which they appear in the Bible. I can think of at least a dozen things He could have done first, but looking back on it now, choosing to “turn the lights on first” just makes sense. But was there more to it than that?
Did God just make these incredible things in a practical, logical and physical manner, with Moses and others coming along afterwards to apply these spiritual interpretations?  Or were these spiritual truths in His heart, originally, when He brought the universe into existence, and He specifically designed everything in such a way as to point us towards the spiritual truth?
You know, it’s sort of like “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, but on a much grander scale. Here’s an example. We know that God created the universe in six days and that He rested on the seventh day. So here’s the question….did it actually take God six days to do all that magnificent work? Or could He have just spoken the words and everything would have come to be in an instant by the sheer power of His voice?  I believe the latter, of course.
So, then, is it possible that God chose to create everything in such a way that it took Him six days of work and one day of rest to show us the pattern He desired for us to adapt and live by?  I think that is not only possible, but highly probable. God is not big on afterthoughts. No, He is more the forethought type.
If God is nothing else, He is a God of order.  Just look at the universe around us.  Look how stable and efficient it is. They can tell you, ten years in advance, exactly what time the sun will rise and set, and on which day the full moon will occur and how many days until the next one?  No problem. It is already printed on my 2017 calendar. But you might say, “Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?” Not for the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of all things. The things we make wither and fade. Not so with God. His works will endure forever, unless He chooses otherwise (as with the temporary things of this world).
But we have only scratched the surface, here. There is hot and cold, male and female, gravity and centrifugal force, consonance and dissonance and many other things to be examined. And it is my belief that each and every one of these things has a unique and profound spiritual truth attached to it, like a Christmas present, all wrapped up and under the tree, just waiting to be opened. After all, in the beginning God created…not just for Himself, but for those He loves, as well.
“Unlocking Creation” was written to hopefully help us open those presents. In addition, it was written in a way that is both casual and conversational, not heady or preachy, so that those who are new to the faith or even someone searching for answers might enjoy it, as well.  I think it would be a great book to give to someone you are sharing your faith with. And it would be perfect for a Bible study, a home group or LifeGroup, as well.
The book is expected to be available wherever books are sold, in paperbook and eBook formats in early November, and is being published by Xulon Press.
Until then, I hope you will stop back here for the latest book news and to “get your whistle wet” in anticipation of the book’s release. And I’ll do my best to keep it interesting!!
Thank you so much for your time and your interest.


Yours In Him,




2 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT THAT BOOK (coming soon)

  1. Incredible. Whether it be through your music, this book or just conversations, you have been blessed with a gift. So much knowledge and passion. Thanks for always sharing it with me and everyone. Good luck with this new venture! Can’t wait to read my signed copy!


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